気候クライシスで全地球規模で滅亡の危機に直面しているのに、いまだに武力で他国を蹂躙しているもの、それの尻馬に乗って平和な世界を、人類の理想を打ち壊そうとするもの。私は例え小さな力ではあっても、これらの愚行を絶対に許さない、ストップさせる1粒の麦になろう。日本国憲法・第9条を守れ!地球を絶滅の淵に追いやる核・原発反対! 大長今 日々の記録 語学学習 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL0fR1Bq0ZjZSEGaI2-hz7A/


ラジオ英会話Fri.16th Sep. 2022 Lesson115  今週のReview


Listening Challenge!

Why did Brendan never get married?

 C: Because he didn’t want to.

What happened on Mars Base.

   B: They were scanned by a bleu beam.

What does Casper want to do?

   A: Make videos of his cat.

Which of the following is true?

   C: The man didn’t bring his brush and paper.


Say it in English

1. Staff member: So, has management approved my proposal?


   You :         

Your proposal is still under discussion.


    ・under discussionは「完成を見ていない」というニュアンスのunder

  So, I cannot give you an immediate answer.


I’ll let you know you as soon as they’ve reached a decision.


 ・let you knowは目的語説明型。「Youknowすることを let (許す)


  ・as soon as~(~するとすぐ)の後ろには節が使える。ここで現在完了形が


 ・reach(到着する) はdecision(決定)と相性のいい動詞。


2. Friend: So, she broke up with you, right?



  Year. But why she did so is beyond me.


    ・did so~は質問内容を受け「僕と別れた」の代わりに使っている。

   ② I mean, I just didn’t text her for a couple of days.



  It’s not such s big deal, is it?







英会話タイムトライアルFri.16th Sep.2022

Let’s Go to Sydney, Australia!  Day15 Working at a Hotel near Sydney Harbor


Try 8 turns!

1. Good afternoon. Are you ready for our meeting?

   → Yes. I’m looking forward to it.

2. Let’s have our meeting out on the terrace…Ah…so refreshing.

   How do you like the view of Sydney Harbor?

   → It’s beautiful! What a nice view… I can see the Sydney Opera House.

3. I’m so glad you came all the way to Australia! It’s still not easy to

   travel abroad now, right?

   →  Right. I’m SO glad I made it to Australia.

4. So how is the COVID situation in Japan now?

    →  Things get better, then worse, then better. But I think it’s getting

        a little better these days. Everyone is still trying to stay safe.

5. When you came to Sydney, did you have to quarantine?

  →  I had my shots but I still had to get a PCR test and quarantine

        for a little while.

6. I see. Do people have to quarantine when they go back to Japan?

  →  The situation is always changing. And the policies change often.

       So it depends when you go back to Japan..

7. Where do you get information about the COVID situation in Japan?

   →  I have an app on my phone with the latest info. I get alerts

        whenever there is an update.

8. Wow, look at this sunset…We might as well take a quick picture of

    the harbor, right?

   →  Year. Let me take one!