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英会話タイムトライアルFri 17th Nov. 2023

Day10 Across The Globe!  Mexico 

Family Dining


Try 8 turns!

1. Have a seat… Do you have enough room?

    → Yeah. I’ll scoot over here, next to you.

2. OK! Your family came to Mexico from Japan, right?

    → Right. We flew to Los Angeles first and then to Mexico City.

3. Our kids love Japanese anime! Ah, kids… No screens at the dinner table!

     Do your children like anime?

    → Yeah. All three generations in our family like Japanese anime.

4.    I see! Do your children have their own phones?

    → Well, my fifth grader just got her own phone.

5.    What are your family rules for using phones?

    → We have a “ No screens at the dinner table” rule including phones,

           games and TV.

6.    So…What does your family like to do together?

    → Our family loves the outdoors. We’ve really enjoyed the Mexican

        beaches. But my oldest daughter is more of an indoor person.

        She says she can’t wait to go back to Japan.

7.    Our family loves swimming the ocean here. Can everyone in your

       family swim?

     → Yeah. We know how to swim, and we like snorkeling.

8.    I see. Does your family travel together often?

     → Yes. Actually, we’re going to Singapore next month. And we’ll travel

            around Asia.