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英会話タイムトライアルTue 14th Nov. 2023

Across The Globe!  Family Fun in Mexico

Day7  SPR Trainning あなたのご家族はよく旅行しますか?


  1. Does your family travel often?
  2. Our family travels about once a year.
  3. Where does your family like to travel?
  4. We like to go to hot springs.
  5. We might go to California next year.

    ~かもしれない ①may ②mightがお勧め、聞き取り易い

  1. My older sister’s family lives there.
  2. Our family just arrived yesterday.
  3. We’re staying at this hotel.
  4. Your family must be tired.
  5. Does your family eat out often?
  6. We don’t eat out very often.
  7. We eat out almost every week.




① Does your family + <動詞>?あなたのご家族は~しますか?

② By the way,

③ I have a question for you.

④ Were you busy this week?

  →Yes.やNo. で答え、続けて How about you?