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英会話タイムトライアルMon 20th, 27th Nov. 2023

Family Fun in Mexico

Day11  SPR Trainning 祖母はホテルでくつろいでいます


1. What’s your family doing today?

2. My parents are sightseeing today.

3. My kids are surfing.

4.   My sisters are sleeping.

5.   My brothers are playing golf.

6.   My grandma is taking it easy at the hotel.

7.   father-in-law mother-in-law

8.   Where is your father-in-law now?

9.   My father-in-law went to see Mexican pro-wrestling.

10.   He is So into pro-wrestling.

11.   My mother in-law is not into pro wrestling.

12.   She went to the shopping mall