日本国の長きに渡る失墜、貧困、「モリ・カケ・桜」に代表される政治の私物、アベノミクス・マスクの無能さ。なにより国葬は民主主義に反する!先人の尊い犠牲の上に立つ、人類の進歩の到達点、日本国憲法・第9条を守れ!地球を絶滅の淵に追いやる核・原発反対! 大長今 日々の記録 語学学習 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL0fR1Bq0ZjZSEGaI2-hz7A/


ラジオ英会話Fri.24th June. 2022 Lesson55



Listening Challenge!


Which of the following is closes of Jonas’s opinion?

 C: Yayoi should to do what she needs to do.

Which of the following is true about the restaurant?

 C: Smoking is not arrowed.

What did Arnold ask the woman to do?

 B: To be in his movie.

What does Doris think about Bill?

 B: She thinks his singing is fantastic?



Say it in English


1. Boyfriend: Hey honey.

    You :                       

    ① Listen. I need to talk with you about Lisa.





 ② She thinks you’re in love with her.


   ・think「~だと思う」 後ろに節を置くリポート文。

 ③ If you’ re two-timing me, we’re through.



   ・if以を用いた文の結びは、通常will(~だろう), can(~できます)などの助動詞が

  用いられる。ここでare throughと現在形が使われているのは、推測ではなく



2. How did Professor McVay’s lecture go?

   You :  

 ① He spoke on communication skills.





② I can’t speak for everyone, but that lecture was so excellent

  I cannot forget it.


  ・I can’t speak for everyone、「ほかの人のことはわかりませんが、~・


  ・but 以降はso ~(that)…. (たいへん~なので…だ)



英会話タイムトライアルFri.24th June.2022

Day15 Around The World!  After Work at a British Pub


Try7 turns!

1. → Hello? Christiane, are you on your way?

2. Hi. Sorry! I’m running late. I’m in a rideshare, but the traffic is awful because

  there is a football match tonight. I’ll be there soon, I’m so sorry about this

  → It’s no problem. And I'll see you soon,

3. Go ahead and order something to eat, OK?

  → Are you sure?  Well, I’ll go ahead and order an appetizer then.

4. Oh, thanks for waiting. I’ll take the train next time. Well…How was your day?

  → Good. I worked in the office all day so it’s good to get out. How was your day?   

5. I was pretty busy today…Oh… Here’s your order. You got some soup…

  That looks good. Go ahead and start.

  → Well, OK. I’ll go ahead and start.

6. How do you like the soup.

   → It’s still pretty hot. But it’s good. It’s cheese and broccoli. And I think

    it has bacon in it.

7. Oh, here’s another dish…You ordered this appetizer for us? You’re so sweet. Well,   here’s to Liverpool.

  → Here’s to Liverpool! Bon appétit.