日本国の長きに渡る失墜、貧困、「モリ・カケ・桜」に代表される政治の私物、アベノミクス・マスクの無能さ。なにより国葬は民主主義に反する!先人の尊い犠牲の上に立つ、人類の進歩の到達点、日本国憲法・第9条を守れ!地球を絶滅の淵に追いやる核・原発反対! 大長今 日々の記録 語学学習 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL0fR1Bq0ZjZSEGaI2-hz7A/


ラジオ英会話Fri.27th May. 2022 Lesson35



Listening Challenge!

What will the woman do?

  A: She will attend Yuriko’s farewell party.

What happened to Haruka and Hiroki?

  C: They broke up.

Why is Yuriko crying?

  B: Because it is tough for her to leave the company.

Which of the following is true?

  C: There are a lot of people.


Say it in English

1. Friend: I failed the driving test. Nothing is going right recently.

    You :

 ①Oh, did you? Listen. In life, things can go wrong.


 ・「,did you?」はあいづち疑問。「そうなの?」と相手の発言に対応し、


 ・things can ~は「物事は~しうる・時に~することがある」。


 ②But be patient. Everything will come good in the end.


  come good「よくなる」

 2. Wife : My fright arrives at Haneda around 5:30.

     You : 

 ①OK. I’ll come and pick you up. I missed you so much.



   ②If you’re not too tired, I’ll take you to our favorite

       Italian restaurant on the way home.



      nottoo tired(すごく疲れた)を否定して「それほど疲れていない。」



英会話タイムトライアルFri.27th May.2022

Day15 Around The World! Let’s go to Cambridge, England!

Chat with a Co-worker as You Set up for a Wedding


Try 7 turns!

1. The decorations look great! Well done!

    → Thanks. It was pretty fun,

2. Is decorating a hobby of yours?

    → Not really. I just enjoy decorating for events like

        Halloween or Christmas.

3.  Oh… Well, thanks for helping today. And thanks in advance for helping

    this weekend with the wedding. What do you usually do on weekends?

    → Well, I’m in the UK now, so I really enjoy exploring and traveling

        around the UK.

4.  What else do you do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies?

 → Well, I love flowers, and gardening is a hobby of mine. I’ve never     formally leaned it, though. In my free time, I like watching TV shows online.

5.  All right. Shall we get back to work?

    → Yes, let’s.

6.  We need to write everyone’s names on these cards! You have

    good  handwriting… Do you know how to write with a fountain pen?

    → Well, I can try. Actually I just took a calligraphy class last week.

7.  Oh, brilliant. Well, let’s start with the VIP table. This wedding quest has

     a Japanese name. See? Is this person famous in japan?

    → Yes!!! That’s Shunpatsu Riki. He’s a famous race car driver.



最近の表記は、TV show →TV seriesに変わってきている。現在は